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About Us

We at Long Beach Apple Repair will do our best to identify and quickly resolve the issue with your Apple Product. Long Beach Apple Repair is a centre for repair and replacement service for Apple products like Apple MacBook, Apple iPad, Apple iMac and Apple iPhones for both retail customers and businesses. We use genuine parts of Apple to replace any component of your device. We ensure to provide high-quality service at budget-friendly prices. We attempt to extend your device’s life so you can utilize it for upcoming years. Contact us if you’re having trouble with your Apple device and if you’ve already availed of our service don’t forget to share feedback on Google. You can call us to know the pricing and warranty details also. It keeps us motivated to continue our work and solve more issues that people are facing relating to their Apple devices.


Customer Satisfaction

We are known for our outstanding customer service as we ensure complete customer satisfaction by listening to the queries and issues they are facing regarding their Apple products and strive to solve them. Our technicians will explain to you what is wrong with your device and also let you know what should be done so that it could return to how it was working before.

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Experience And Expertise

Our experts have worked with us for over 10 years gaining knowledge on various issues that would affect the working of Apple products. This gives us the confidence to provide a warranty for a year on all our services. The technicians with their love for tech have a wealth of experience which is beneficial to you as you can be assured that you’re in great hands. The technicians will work towards extending the device life and how it can work more efficiently.

What Services Do We Provide For iMac Models?

We provide many services that are mentioned below and upgrade your laptop to extend its life.


Providing the best and the high-quality workmanship and affordable prices with customer satisfaction is what makes us confident to provide service to the Apple user community. We also give a free inspection and after-sales support to all our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to resolving the issues faced by the Apple user community. We love to give life and longevity back to models that are rescinded by the manufacturers. We strive to provide a distinctive environment where customers feel comfortable sharing their views with us. With trusted professionals, your issues are to be solved quickly and efficiently.

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