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Long Beach Apple Repair are one of the best service providers when it comes to repairing your Apple products. We will take utmost care and ensure that we will treat any issue that you come to us with. For repairing and restoring your iPad we ensure that we maintain a stock of parts needed for it. We can normally fix most issues within a matter of a few hours. You can rest assured that our experts having experience of 10+ years would handle your devices with care. We service all iPad series such as iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad mini. We provide a free inspection by our trained technicians and provide you with the best solution for your problem. Our centre can solve any issues that you come to us with.

What Kind Of Things Can Put Your iPad At Risk?

Most customers spill liquid on their iPad which damages certain parts of their iPad. The first instinct after this mistake should be shutting down the iPad and then bringing in your iPad to get it serviced. We advise you to shut your iPad as this would reduce the risk of further damage. Our technicians will disassemble your iPad and extract any water residue from the parts before putting it back together. If any parts need repairing or replacing our experts will take care of it using the new technology and latest techniques. Kids can also drop your iPad and damage some parts of your iPad. No issues, we can replace the component swiftly.

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What Is Included In Service At iPad Repair?

Long Beach Apple Repair has years of experience due to which we can resolve any iPad related issues. Don’t worry if your iPad is an older generation we have various parts available which can be used to fix your issue. Even if your issue is new and complex we will strive to find the root of the issue and fix it in a timely manner at an affordable price. We can replace or repair the screen, power button, battery, home button, charging port and any other component of the iPad. We also provide our customers with a standard 1-year warranty. Our expert technicians will first run a diagnostic and then repair or replace the component that is causing trouble and is a blockade to the efficient working of the device. Lastly, they’ll conduct a cleanup of the device ensuring there is no dust residue.

What Services Do We Provide For iPad Models?

We provide a range of services for iPad repair models and we aim to ensure that we can efficiently solve your issues. Some of the issues we solve regularly are mentioned below.

Screen Replacement Service

As mentioned we have a range of screens available so we can easily replace your iPad screen within a few hours.

Battery Replacement Service

We also have in stock most batteries which would be a perfect fit for your particular iPad. This service can also be completed in a day so that you can resume your work on it by the end of the business day.

Board Repair Service

Our expert technicians can resolve the touch, power IC chips, sound and baseband issues. This kind of repair may take a while but we strive to get your device back to you quickly.

Audio Repair Service

If you're having an issue with your audio while listening to a video or during a call then we can clean out your ports so the headphones can work efficiently and replace the speakers.

Connectivity Repair Service

Sometimes your iPad won't connect to any network or Bluetooth. Our technicians can resolve this issue by choosing the latest technology and providing a swift resolution to this.

Get In Touch To Find Out More About Any Of Our Mac Repair Services

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We strive to achieve customer satisfaction by solving any queries or issues that you may have regarding our service and pricing. You can contact us by calling our centre or visiting us to know more about our services, pricing and warranty. We can resolve many of the above-mentioned services in a day but for that, you need to get in touch to ensure if that is possible. We aim to provide the best possible service related to the iPad. We also provide a pickup and drop service so that you don’t have to go through the inconvenience of coming to the centre. We try to upgrade your iPad and try to prolong its life so it can be used by you for many years to come. As Apple products are already expensive we don’t want to make its service also cause a hole in your pocket. So we provide our services at an affordable cost and save you some bucks. We are a responsible, competent and friendly repair service that delivers one of the best services when it comes to iPad repair.