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Long Beach Apple Repair provides a range of services for iMac models since 2008 which include iMac, MacMini, Mac and iMac Pro series. To restore these several types of Apple Mac desktops we retain a wide range of parts and even if we don’t have a component that is required to fix the issue we use the local supply chain and obtain the component promptly. The experts here at Long Beach Apple Repair have 10+ years of experience and knowledge that will be utilized to restore your iMac to its former glory.

What Is Our Process To Repair Your Apple iMac Desktop?

Once you tell us the issue the technicians will run a free inspection to know the root of the problem. We provide a full iMac service which includes a free diagnosis of the machine, servicing and repair of the component which is stopping the machine from working efficiently and lastly a general cleanup of the device so that no dust residue is left.

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What Problems Can Put Your Apple iMac Desktop At Risk?

The one common thing which will damage parts of your desktop is any liquids spilt on them. Even if you mistakenly spill any liquid don’t worry we’ll resolve any issue that comes our way. Other things are heat as the iMac may start to heat up due to it receiving direct sunlight which may lead to it shutting down to prevent damage, dust particles that accumulate in the desktop may also put the iMac at risk, close-by lightning may also affect your Apple iMac so it is better to unplug your laptop till the lightning and thunder stop. You could also accidentally fall and knock over an iMac which would damage it. But rest assured we have solutions to all the problems that we have mentioned above.

What Services Do We Provide For iMac Models?

We provide many services that are mentioned below and upgrade your laptop to extend its life.

Screen changes

We cater to the customer's requirements which is why we stock a wide range of options for screen and LCD replacement consisting of used, refurbished and new screens.

Battery Replacement

We see a lot of customers coming in with the same issue of power and battery issues. Our technicians can solve these issues quickly and efficiently. They'll replace any part which is damaged.

GPU Upgrade service

If your screen is showing lines and it is not loading then it means that your graphics card is not working. We will replace your graphics card and also provide you with a standard warranty of 1 year.

Data Recovery

If your hard drive has failed and deleted all your important information from it then get your data recovered from our technicians. The experts can get any type of data recovered from most failing hard drives.

Component Level Board Repairs

This service is conducted using the latest technologies and board schematics which ensures that our expertise can mostly repair any component level board repairs.

Cable Replacement

All internal wiring and cables will be examined and if there are any cables not working properly then we'll replace them accordingly.

Port Repairs Or Replacement

USB's, Firewires and HDMI Cables will operate perfectly once you get your port inspected, repaired or replaced by us. We have the knowledge and the accessibility to parts that allows us to repair all kinds of ports.

Software Problems

Apple iMac's software can be repaired once you bring it in to get your free diagnostics done. Our experts will assess the software and restore it accordingly. We specialize in this service.

RAM Upgrade

Get your RAM upgraded by us so that your iMac desktop works even more efficiently and allows you to conduct bigger tasks.

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We offer a range of services to revive your Apple iMac so that it can start to perform well again. Our experts can upgrade your iMac by replacing the hard drive with an SSD Drive as they are three times faster and will help you achieve your tasks more efficiently and faster. We also provide a standard 1-year warranty. You need to extend your desktop’s life today by visiting us. Our centre also provides pick up and delivery service so you don’t have to go through the hassle of bringing your Apple products to our centre. We aim to provide a rich customer experience and focus on customer satisfaction. Long Beach Apple Repair is a reliable, professional yet friendly service provider which will deliver you the best services and focus on upgrading and reviving your Apple product. You can be assured that your device is in great hands. From upgrading RAM to repairing your software and changing your screens we give various services to our customers. Contact us by calling or visiting us to get to know more about our service and pricing.