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We at Long Beach Apple Repair provide many services related to repairing and restoring your Apple Products. As Apple products are expensive and delicate, consumers have to take utmost care of them. But sometimes you spill something or drop your gadget which causes damage to the gadgets. No need to worry. We are here to restore your Apple Product and make it good as new. All repair services are available for MacBook models from 2008. We have a wide variety of parts available so that we can repair your MacBook in a timely fashion. We also operate on MacBooks that are considered old by Apple. We have technicians who have experience of 15 years due to which they can repair any issue you bring to us.

What Is Our Process To Repair Your Laptop?

We will provide you with a full diagnostic and inspection of your MacBook which includes the hard drive, logic board and the other main components of your laptop. The service will include a full general cleaning of your laptop and dust removal. The technicians will repair the issue and will let you know if there are any potential issues that could come up.

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Damaged Laptop

What Could Damage Your Laptop?

As a customer it is your duty to bring the laptop as soon as possible so that less damage is done to the laptop and it can be repaired sooner. There are many things which could damage your laptop. One of them being liquids like wine, water, and any juices. You should be extra careful of keeping liquids around your MacBook. Even if you spill something on your laptop it is okay. Once you bring it to us, we’ll use the latest technologies including sonic cleaning and component repairs using schematics to ensure that your MacBook is restored back to its glory. Others might include you dropping your MacBook by mistake, some dust getting accumulated on your laptop and many other things which could damage it. Our experts will provide you with the best service and repair the laptop in a timely and efficient manner.

What Macbook Related Services Do We Provide?​

Long Beach Apple Repair caters to the customers needs and solves all queries regarding the service. We provide numerous services that are mentioned below

Screen changes

We provide various choices for screens that vary from new, used and refurbished.

Keyboard Repair And Replacement

As we mentioned above we have a variety of parts of MacBooks which enables us to repair or replace your keyboard, trackpads and top cases by utilizing genuine Apple parts.

Battery Replacement

If you’re having battery issues, like get a sign signaling ‘Service Battery’ you have to get your battery replaced. Our experts will replace your battery within a few hours and you can resume working on the laptop then.

SSD Upgrade

If your MacBook is doing all the tasks slowly then it means that your hard drive has become outdated. It is important that you get an SSD(Solid State Drive) Upgrade as it is 3 times faster than a hard drive, functions smoothly and prolongs the life of your laptop.

Data Recovery

We can restore your data from mostly all failing hard drives.consisting of lost files and data.

Component Level Board Repairs

Using the latest technologies like full board schematics we can fix the component level board. We have a full workshop utilising the new technologies.

Cable Replacement

To ensure smooth operation of the device in the future we repair or replace any internal wiring that is causing problem to your laptop

Port Repairs Or Replacement

Using our expertise we’ll repair or replace the ports of your MacBook so you can listen to songs through your headphones and connect a USB smoothly and without any difficulty.

Software Problems

The technicians at Long Beach Apple Repair will run a diagnosis and assess any problem that is present in your software and fix it. Operating systems that are a little buggy and softwares can be a major issue that needs to be resolved.

RAM Upgrade

If your usage of MacBook is quite high then we suggest you to get your RAM upgraded as it will make your work faster and allow you to do bigger tasks.

Get In Touch To Find Out More About Any Of Our Mac Repair Services

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Long Beach Apple Repair can solve many issues mentioned above in a single day. You can also have your laptop picked up instead of coming to deliver it to our center. Contact us by giving a call or visiting us at our center to get to know more about our services and pricing. Our technicians will solve any query you have regarding our services. We upgrade and rejuvenate any Apple MacBooks including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook series. The repairs also come with a standard 1 year warranty. Revive your device by letting us repair it and get it to perform well again.